The response to our advertisement has been fantastic; please book me in for the next few editions.
Tony, The Hot Shop (Central Heating Shop Boldmere, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham)

After only a week of publication, we have received more enquiries from Recommended than any other form of advertising we have tried.
Karl Motion , Go-Kart Party Ltd

I have previously advertised in newspapers and local magazines but the response I have had from Recommended is by far the best I have ever had.
Richard Beach, Direct General Maintenance Ltd (Birmingham based company)

I have already received countless calls, done numerous quotes and have booked in several jobs the advert has already paid for itself many times over.
Gary, Birmingham Roofing (Birmingham based company)

Dear recommended team, I really enjoyed your brilliant little book, particularly the very funny article from Marjorie Blunt and her witty anecdotes regarding the bin men! I agree that the 'floral' entry to Ryland road tip does seem to be a little weird now and could be 'binned' accordingly. How often is the little book going to be issued?
Louise Jackson (Sutton Coldfield resident)

Delighted with the response from Recommended magazine have had over 50 people ring interested in flexible, part time working from home. Have already met a few lovely people and sent out information packs to others after phone conversations. It's certainly been a big boost to my business, and our area (Boldmere/ Wylde Green) are soon to be delivered to so I expect even more calls in the coming weeks. Many Thanks
Moya (FLP Sutton Coldfield)

Recommended, the best value Sutton Coldfield advertising available